McLaren MP4-12C | 650S VT Style Rear Bumper + Rear Diffuser Kit



An amazing upgrade for MP4-12C and 650S to transform the rear end.

Made of high quality carbon fibre.

We offer this kit in Three Material / carbon fibre finishes;

  • Fibreglass Front Bumper + Twill weave Carbon Fibre Diffuser (Code: CF)
  • Fibreglass Front Bumper + V-Weave Carbon Fibre Diffuser (Code: VCF)
  • Fibreglass Front Bumper + Forged Carbon Fibre Diffuser (Code: FGCF)


We only supply the best quality body kits, our body kits benefit from extremely high quality build and fitment, however, we still recommend all body kits to be fitted by a professional body kit fitter.